Get That Look! High Fashion Hair Advice

How can I get Angelina Jolie hair? I think she and Brad Pitt both have great hair, but I love Angies current hair style!

Since you didnt include any specifics about your current style, you need to keep in mind that hair coloring does not look the same on everyone. Angelina Jolies hair is very dark, so if you are a blonde, a change that dramatic will require extra steps, which your salon stylist will be more than happy to go over with you in detail.

That being said, Angelinas trademark hair style is basically a long, wavy, layered look with a few romantic curls thrown in for good measure. The secret to giving those curls staying power, other than a curling iron, hair dryer, and a good brush, is a high quality curl/ curl defining gel, with a light spritz of curl activator thrown in.

Make sure that both of these of these hair care products contain polymers that lift, separate, and define curls for maximum results. As you brush, be sure to direct your hair away from the center of your face, and dont forget to finish off with the salon-recommended hair spray of your choice

How can you get Paris Hilton hair? I want it, you want it, everyone wants it. From a professional: See your stylist and together, choose one of the thousands of hair styles that Paris has been seen sporting in the past five minutes. Just kidding, but since you obviously have a penchant for brevity, here are two short and fast tips to Paris Hilton hair without having to spend the Hilton mega-fortune:

Paris Hiltons hair is long, blonde, and face-framing. To get her sexy signature style, no matter what your hair color and type, try having feathered layers added to your hair, making sure to request that the layers be outswept rather than pointed towards your face, and use a firm styling gel to hold your style in place.

The Paris Hilton updo, a look that she is often seen with, requires a firm hold, and while we dont know for sure which products Ms. Hilton and her team of stylists use, a maximum hold finishing spray and a little dab of pomade for that high gloss effect should do the trick.

I just saw Pirates of The Caribbean Three on DVD, and Keira Knightley is my idol! Since I cant have her career, maybe I could have her hair style?

Your hair style possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. So, yes, it is possible to get Kieras pirate girl s hairstyle. Since Kiera seems to change her style faster than Britney Spears (and thats fast) we recommend finding your favorite style and bringing in a photo to your stylist, who will be able to help you make the cut, color, hair highlight, and lowlight decisions that will work best for your hair type and face shape.


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