This Years Hairstyle Trends For Men

2008 is fast approaching, and 2008 hairstyle trends for men are already being predicted as we speak. The New Year is traditionally a time of change and reflection, and nothing says change and reflection more than a new look.

While womens hairstyles change very frequently, mens articles dont usually go through style upheavals that are as dramatic. Nevertheless, specific style trends do change, and here is your guide to the upcoming style predictions for men when it comes to 2008 hairstyles.

Short Hair Trends: Short, neat style means no fuss and no muss, which is why many male celebrities opt for these cuts. Theres the short cut, the short, short cut, the crew cut, and the completely shaven look, and all are acceptable.

In terms of maintenance, however, you should keep in mind that the completely shaven look requires touch ups at least every five days. One short hair trend for men that will be making a comeback in 2008 is a style that was also popular in the 1950s, and involves a traditional crew cut with the slight twist of side swept bangs. Use a light application of styling product to hold your style in place.

Medium-Length Hair Trends: Medium length hair that is longer in the back and more controlled on top is a trend that will continue into 2008. Whether you opt for a messy look, or a more natural look, a little pomade or styling product will help provide the necessary texture, hold, and movement.

You can opt for a slightly shaggy look, finely cut with bangs swept to one side, or use pomade to emphasize your hair in the middle of your head, creating a series of small, short, Mohawks, or spikes.

Long Hair Trends: Long and lean hair, if sculpted and styled correctly, can definitely add a little sex appeal, and an air of individualism. The trick is to let it hang straight down, and have it razored so that the thickness in the back and sides of the hair is reduced.

Other wise, your long hairstyle will quickly turn into an unmanageable and unattractive mane. Look for more male celebs to sport longer looks in 08 that are razored and sculpted, from chin length to shoulder length styles.

2008 hairstyles for men will be as varied as the men who wear them, but in general, razored, tapered, and controlled are the words to describe the predicted hairstyle trends for this upcoming year.


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